About Us

Our Founder Swami Ram (Siddha Maruthuva Pandit, Spiritual Healer and Astro Palmist) was a qualified Siddha practitioner who had been practicing Kriya Yoga for more than four decades. He rendered humanitarian services to the needy and was much sought after by people from all over the world. He got training in Kriya Yoga from Yogi S.A.A Ramaiah, a direct disciple of Kriya Babaji Nagaraj.

The services offered by the Sang continue the tradition set by the founder.

Activities of the Sang

  • Conducting classes to educate adult and children on the practice of yoga asanas (postures) and Pranayama principles
  • Training adult and children on the techniques of Dhyana yoga (meditation)
  • Pooranai / Babaji Pooja, Yagam and Annai Tulasi Pooja
  • Organizing and delivering lectures on the principles of yoga
  • Publishing articles, pamphlets and books on various topics of yoga principles


Holistic Kriya Yoga relates to the human souls by creating awareness and bringing about peace and harmony in them. It is a faith that is common to all human beings irrelevant of factors like race, religion, sex and age. Unity in diversity is an important observation here.

On a daily basis it brings forward calmness and dedication to all activities that a person has to do in his day’s life so that not only he feels happy about what he has to do for the day but also when everything has been done at the end of the day he goes to sleep with satisfaction. He wakes up to another day without any worries and doesn’t get troubled in the day in existence. This way a person can automatically live to enjoy peace and comfort in a day’s life and avoiding stress becomes simple.

In today’s world where stress oriented disorders have become a major problem, this kind of relaxation can be made as a way of life not necessarily by finding time to do yoga, but by making every activity in a day’s life done in a yoga way where the mind automatically gets disciplined to the yoga conditions and makes every step forward with firmness and determination. Yoga is a way of life that entails a person to do a work with full concentration and contentment with a fully relaxed mind and body.

Benefits at All Five Levels

The Siddhas regarded this body as a temple or holy place where the soul resides. Therefore maintaining this body in a clean and healthy way is one of the main goals of yoga. Holistic Kriya Yoga treats the body as a WHOLE and brings about integrated development of the body in a holistic way by dealing with all five bodies. Also the five elements of nature namely earth, water, fire, air and ether (cosmic energy) are brought into action in the process of this cleansing as follows:

Physical Level:
By eating pure and nutritious yogic food and doing the Hatha yoga relaxation exercises, the physical body can be cleansed of all toxins and tensions which are the root causes of diseases. Water can be used to clean the body both externally as well as internally.

Vital Level:
Air is considered the important element for the vital body. Pranayama techniques are specially formulated breathing exercises, which regulate the flow of pranic (cosmic) energy through specific nadis or channels in the body to create cosmic or universal consciousness.

Mental Level:
The meditation practice helps a person to clear all unwanted thoughts, habits, fears and desires from the mind and enhances the mental power.

Intellectual Level:
Repetition of Mantras or sound vibrations has the power to awaken the intellect. When practiced with faith, it creates higher state of consciousness along with happiness and peace. In spiritual retreats, Mantras are chanted round the sacred fire (yagna) whereby fire acts as a cleansing agent.

Spiritual Level:
Kriya Bhakthi Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion is said to be the fastest way to self- realization. By becoming a devotee, a person gradually starts to see everything as his “Beloved” and learns to love all without hatred. This gives way to universal love from which arises peace and harmony. Through selfless service, a yogi attains purity of heart and leads a simple and peaceful life. 

When all the paths of Holistic Kriya Yoga are practiced with faith and devotion, the five bodies are cleansed by the cosmic energy (fifth element of nature), leading to the descent of the divine consciousness in all five bodies which become the temples of immortality, the highest stage of yoga.


In the current world where there is an increase in conditions like stress related and other disorders, depression, crimes and war the need for peace and harmony is unquestionable. By being a faith that is common to all, Holistic Kriya Yoga offers a lot of benefits to the mankind by teaching people to live a more natural, healthy, peaceful and happy life. All this is done on a service-oriented basis with the sole intention of doing as much good as possible to the mankind and people of all kinds are expected to enjoy the benefits. The main belief of the Sang is by creating awareness in individuals a healthy nation can be formed where peace and prosperity can always be enjoyed.


– Swami Ram

Om Kriya Babaji. Nama Aum !